A funny error in Javascript


Preview of javascript file[Dynamic] does not showing latest code. Why?


Visual studio Preview of task.js[Dynamic] is showing my old codes

Explanation of the issue

This is my current code in task.js file

enter image description here

But when i run my application and put break point in that screen, now the java-script preview showing my old code. The preview does not show my latest code.

see the below image, this is my old code. i have replaced $cookieStore.get('userInfo').UserId instead on 1 in taskby object from my old code.

enter image description here


Please see the yellow markup in the above images for more proof.,

What am didI was tried to solve this problem by below ways

  • Pressed Save button more and more times
  • Pressed save all button
  • So many times i have cleaned the solutions
  • also tried build and rebuild the solution.

But not working

My Questions :

  • Why is this happened?
  • And how can we solve this?


I got a answer for my second question

How can we solve this?
Ans : – I have solve this issue by restart visual studio

But i don’t know, why it’s happened. Please tell me guy’s, if you know.


Reason for the Issue

Javascript files are cached, by default, for performance. Normally, in a production env, these files aren’t constantly changing, so this is perfectly acceptable. Your development machine would be acting this way as well, so you need to work around it. SO post on how JS files are cached


In my experience, it is browser cache that causes this and, ritualistically, we just clear the cache before we run the site. So, in this order:

Change javascript

Save all

ctrl+shift+f5 in Visual Studio

When browser opens, hit f12, the ctrl+r (clear cache) and click yes

When cache clears, hit reload on page.

If above solutions are does not working, then please restart the visual studio

Answered By – JasonWilczak

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