Adding ApproxMVBB into Android Studio


I’m trying to find the minimum volume bounding box given a set of point clouds in Android. This repo seem to contain the solution:
But I’m having trouble installing it into my Android Project.
I’ve tried:

  • using Cmake to build eigen (not approxMVBB yet) -> it fail at build time.
  • using top level Cmake to build both eigen and approxMVBB in Android -> cant seem to find Eigen3Config.cmake
  • built both of these two libs on my computer (Windows 10) using minGW64 -> created a dll and a dll.a file -> which seem to be incompatible with Android.
  • copy {eigen_dir}/Eigen directly into scr/main/cpp, then hardcoded ApproxMVBB CMakeList with "include_directories(Eigen)" -> android build seem to have issue with Ninja.

I’m currently thinking that ApproxMVBB is simply incompatible with Android devices, but I’m not so sure. Any help or confirmation would be highly appriciated.


Nvm, I got frustrated so I wrote a MVBB for Java.
The code is here:

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