Ads similar to Duolingo pop up ads in Android Studio – Java


I am wanting my pop up ads to have a similar style to the Duolingo pop up ads. But I am not sure how to do it and can’t seem to find any resources on this.

Would this be a separate activity with a smart banner? Or is there a way to customise ad mobs interstitial ads?

I haven’t found any resources so far and thinking if I use smart banners in a seperate activity it would be complicated to handle as I will also be working with fragments and passing data between the 2 already existing activities / fragments. Also concerned smart banners will have a much lower ECPM than interstitial.


YOu could use a full-screen dialog fragment. This post completely explains the introduction. For the central box, use MaterialCardView and MaterialButton, Or you can use another container with a custom background.

Answered By – Saeed Darvish

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