Always display placeholder and RTL input in TextField with Jetpack Compose


I want the placeholder not to disappear if I start typing in a field and it should be on the left side of the screen.
But the text input and cursor must be on the right.

An example is in the screenshot. Thanks!

enter image description here


Not the best solution, but it works.

Customizing the placeholder as per the requirement is not possible at this point in time. You have to create a completely customized TextField if that is an absolute requirement.


  1. This is not a placeholder.
  2. The positioning of the text is absolute, it should be adjusted according to the TextField size.


fun FixedPlaceholder() {
    var name by remember { mutableStateOf("") }
    Box {
            shape = MaterialTheme.shapes.medium,
            value = name,
            onValueChange = {
                name = it
            singleLine = true,
            textStyle = LocalTextStyle.current.copy(
                textAlign = TextAlign.End,
            modifier = Modifier
                    horizontal = 16.dp,
                    vertical = 8.dp,
            text = "to",
            modifier = Modifier
                    start = 32.dp,
                    end = 32.dp,
                    top = 24.dp,
                    bottom = 8.dp

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