Android: cannot find symbol for my own imported class


Okay, this is driving me absolutely nuts. Relevant info:

I’m using Android Studio

I’m trying to set up a gaussian blur from here:

In my src/com/myprojectname folder I have, among others, the following files:,, and In I need to

import com.myprojectname.AndroidImage;

However I get a message saying “Cannot resolve symbol ‘AndroidImage'”. In the auto-complete menu that pops up while I’m typing the import statement I can see EVERY SINGLE CLASS in my src/com/myprojectname folder EXCEPT AndroidImage, which I can clearly see in the explorer.

I’ve quit and re-opened Android Studio several times, I’ve re-synced everything, I’ve deleted then re-created the AndroidImage class, I’ve tried to import AndroidImage in other classes with the same failed result as in the IAndroidFilter class…

Why is it that I can’t import this class? Seriously, why? I’m at a total loss for further fixes to try.


Check to make sure your file has this at the top:

package com.myprojectname.AndroidImageProject;

Or whatever the package is.

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