Android Development: How mirroring applications works?


How screen mirroring application works on Android devices?

A piece of data has to be passed from the phone to whatever device is mirroring the phone.

Is that data an image? If yes does taking 60 screenshots per second and sending that data to the mirroring device possible on the phone level, or It is to performance heavy ?

Note: "Mirroring": what appears on the phone screen is appearing on the other device(the mirroring device)


From the chat:

  1. Developer mode on Android device can be enabled
  2. PC browser is requirement
  3. Interaction with Android device from PC is not a requirement

Most likely you should be able to modify or find a modification to how scrcpy behaves.

Given how obvious it would be to send the Android display feed to a browser look to Using a webclient instead sdl app github issue thread for possible solutions or avenues for investigation.

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