Android Emulator (version 12, android studio Chipmunk) randomly get stuck at "waiting for debugger" when debugging


I know there are similar questions on this topic. I have tried them all but nothing seems to work permanently. It seems it doesn’t follow any pattern. sometimes for a long time it works just fine and sometimes out of a blue it just stuck and I couldn’t make it work no matter what I try. It’s really frustrating for me because I need my emulator to test different flavors simultaneously.
So please any one have any ideas?


If you are using windows and you have selected any RTL languages in the regional setting in windows setting, just change back to english (or any non-RTL language) as you open android studio (or while compiling gradle if you are not using offline mode). It is a weird bug that I thing have something to do with parsing.

Answered By – Shaya

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