Android INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK base.apk is missing after updating to gradle plugin 7.2.1


After updating gradle plugin from 7.1.3 to 7.2.1, when attempting to build and install our app in AndroidStudio I get the error INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK … base.apk is missing.

I noticed, that the built apk file is very small (~6 MB instead of ~20 MB).

When switching back to gradle plugin 7.1.3, everything is fine.

I am using Android Studio Chipmunk 2021.2.1 Patch 1.


Eventually, I found out that the issue was caused by testCoverageEnabled true in my build.gradle buildType. I don’t know how and why, and it is not an ideal situation, but removing it, fixed the problem.

Answered By – Ridcully

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