Android SpeechRecognizer when do I get ERROR_CLIENT when starting the voice recognizer?


I am not sure about some documentation related stuff.

To sum up what I did and what I want to to: I managed to introduce voice recognition feature into an Android application that is running on Android 4.2 on a tablet, and it works ok. Now I want to port my application on Google Glass but unfortunately I get the following error when I try to start the speech recognizer: error 5 -> ERROR_CLIENT(Other client side errors). The message guides me to find other errors that not related to SpeechRecognizer object, but I don’t get any in my logs, not even warnings. So my question would be: When exactly do I get ERROR_CLIENT? and what should look the errors that block the recognizer to start?

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So after a bit of pain I manage to solve my problem regarding my glass application.

First of all I found that SpeechRecognizer only works when my glasses are connected to the internet! Even so I still received from times to times ERROR 5. That was because I have a bad connectivity to the internet and from times to times my glass just disconnected from the internet without any notifications! I think this is an issue that must be solved for the next level of glasses. It just cannot disconnect from the internet without notifying you.

So one of the causes for ERROR_CLIENT(5) on Google Glass is: not having internet connection

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