android studio 3.0 device file explorer "open with"


I open a file once and choose a wrong “open with” option.
How can I get it to ask me again or use another option?
I tried “right click” with no success.


Changing file association in android studio project explorer:

Go to Settings >> Editor >> File types

Settings >> Editor >> File Types

Switch between recognized file types to find your file extension (example: *.txt) or you can directly type it to find results quickly then remove it (red minus sign in the right). Now try to open that file again it should open “open with..” dialog for you again.

Edit: after I reviewed your tag, I realized you wanted to open a file from android device explorer. It’s almost the same process:

Go to Menu >> Windows >> Preferences >> General >> Editor >> File associations

Android device explorer file association

Answered By – Omar Mneimneh

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