Android Studio | 4.2 | Arctic Fox | not showing debuggable processes


After updating AndroidStudio to 4.2 I can’t see my apps in debuggable process. every things was ok just before update. what I tried but nothing changed is:

– restart my phone

– restart android studio

– restart pc

– invalidate caches

– rebuild & clean

– remove build folder

– disable developer option in my phone

– try on emulator


Unfortunately after 2 days wasting my time and doing all suggested things In this page , I downgraded android studio to 4.1.3 and now it is working like before update. It also maybe useful for others that I also checked android studio arctic fox canary 15 and nothing differs with 4.2

For developers who are living in Iran maybe it’s related to sanctions. I was using vpn to change my ip when updating sdk . after version 4.2 is released google use more ways to identify where we are come from and two possible of them is Region and Regional Format. therefore You should change them to another country and then update sdk to solve the problem.

Answered By – Vahid

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