Android Studio/Emulator on macOS with ARM CPU M1


I started Android Studio 4.1 in macOS Big Sure 11.0.1 with new ARM cpu M1

After installing Rosetta: Yes, it builds !

But the Emulator has problems, it shows me CPU does not support VT-x

Even ARM images have this issue enter image description here

I used the most recent, a very old api25 (Google has to do here something) but it’s increadible slow

How to make the Emulator work and fast ?


Good news !

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Apple Silicon Support

Now, there is an arm64 release version available for Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1)
You can download it from here

Use an arm64-v8a image !

  • Tools -> SDK Manager
  • Install Android 11 (R) or 12.0 (S) and click Apply
  • Tools -> AVD Manager -> click Create Virtual Device
  • Choose any device that has the Play button and click Next
  • Choose an arm64-v8a on "Other Images" tab

Android studio

End of beta ! Thank you

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Apple Silicon Support

There is an arm64 version available for Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) Canary 15 … RC01
You can download it here

Android studio

Edit on 4th Feb 2021

Now audio in and out works properly

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