Android studio not connecting to virtual device


When I start my app in Android Studio, as usual, the emulator starts and the app openes.


  1. After I start the app, the run-logo doesn’t change to the reload-logo.
  2. When clicking the non-changed logo again, I can see "Install successfully finished in 1 s 451 ms." in "Run", but the app doesn’t restart.
  3. System.out and Log.e don’t work

I tried:

  1. Restarting Android Studio
  2. Invalidate Caches / Restart
  3. Rebuilding gradle
  4. Wiping the emulator data
  5. Reinstalling the app
  6. Resetting the Run/Debug configurations

I found a question to another app starting problem, the answer was telling to delete the .AndroidStudio folder, but I could not find it (searched on my whole computer)

My theory:
Android Studio is just starting my emulator and the app, but has no connection to it, as if I would start the app by myself.

Any help appreciated!


I can’t comment because I don’t have 50 reputation yet, so I will ask my questions here.

Did you try to remove your virtual device and install a different virtual device ?

if that doesn’t work, then maybe you should try to create a new project and check if it runs, just to make sure it’s not a problem of your current project.

if the new project is working then try to move all of your code to the new project and check if it’s working there.

Answered By – Kfir Ram

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