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I’m trying to setup Android Studio on a new install of Mac OS X Yosemite. I downloaded the Android Studio Beta v0.8.14 from here: and upon launching it complained about not having an SDK (although the download page indicates it should include the SDK). I tried searching after installing for the SDK and can’t find it (a few other posts indicate /Applications/Android but that location doesn’t exist). Where is the SDK installed and what is required to set it up?

Android SDK Location + JDK Location


Edit: This answer is deprecated as Android Studio seems to bundle everything since a while already.

Old answer

It seems the android-studio-bundle version is no longer available in the download page (instead there are only android-studio-ide). When you start Android Studio, it won’t let you create a new projet until you configure the SDK location.

That means you have to download the SDK separately here, extract it somewhere, and configure it on Configure->Project Defaults->Project Structure. After that, the SDK Manager icon will be enabled and you can download the tools you want.

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