Android Studio shortcuts for navigating inside a file?


What are the shortcuts for navigating inside a class/file in Android Studio?

I know about Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down which only navigates between global properties and method declarations defined in a class. It doesn’t allow me to navigate inside the content of a method for example.

I also know about Command+Shift+[ and Command+Shift+] to move to the start of a code block and to the end of a code block.

What are my other options to navigate with shortcuts within a file aside from the aforementioned ones? Is there something equivalent to Option+Up/Down in internet browsers for quick scrolling?

I’m on Mac but if you’re on Windows feel free to answer too, I can figure out what the corresponding keys would be on Mac.


All the actions listed in the "Editor Actions" group of Keymap settings:
enter image description here

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