Angular directive to adjust your component Height as per window height Dynamically


Angular directive to adjust the height of your div/components(Elements) Dynamically as per screen


    import { Directive, ElementRef, Renderer2, AfterViewInit } from '@angular/core';

  selector: '[appAutoFullHeight]'
export class AutoFullHeightDirective implements AfterViewInit {
    private el: ElementRef,
    private renderer: Renderer2
  ) {
    const windowHeight = window.innerHeight > 600 ? window.innerHeight : 600;
    const calculatedheight = `${windowHeight - 150}px`; // can be simply windowheight but you can do the adjuscement here
    this.renderer.setStyle(this.el.nativeElement, 'height', calculatedheight);


  ngAfterViewInit() {



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