angular – using async pipe on observable<Object> and bind it to local variable in html


Hi I have a observable user$ with a lot of properties (name, title, address…)

  constructor(private userService:UserService){
    this.user$ = this.userService.someMethodReturningObservable$()

Is there a way to use the async pipe in the html template to subscribe to it and bind it to a local variable like this

<div #user="user$ | async">
  <h3> {{}}

I know can can subscribe to it in the constructor and then unsubscribe in OnLeave/OnDestroy but I was just curious if I could use the async pipe.



# is template reference variable. It defers to DOM element and cannot be used like that.

Local variables aren’t implemented in Angular as of now, this closed issue can be monitored for the references to related issues.

Since Angular 4 the syntax of ngIf and ngFor directives was updated to allow local variables. See ngIf reference for details. So it is possible to do

<div *ngIf="user$ | async; let user">
  <h3> {{}} </h3>

This will create div wrapper element and will provide cloaking behaviour to it, so there’s no need for ?. ‘Elvis’ operator.

If no extra markup is desirable, it can be changed to

<ng-container *ngIf="user$ | async; let user">...</ng-container>

If cloaking behaviour is not desirable, the expression can be changed to truthy placeholder value.

A placeholder can be empty object for object value,

<div *ngIf="(user$ | async) || {}; let user">
  <h3> {{user?.name}} </h3>

Or a space for primitive value,

<div *ngIf="(primitive$ | async) || ' '; let primitive">
  <h3> {{primitive}} </h3>

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