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Would anyone be able to give me a tip on how to use this api with postman written with Flask in Python?

@app.route('/read', methods=['POST'])
def do_read():
        device_id = request.get_json().get('device_id')
        object_id = request.get_json().get('object_id')
        object_type = request.get_json().get('object_type')
        prop = request.get_json().get('prop')
        err_msg = "Read request was missing a required parameter. Required: [device_id, object_id, object_type]"
        logging.warning(err_msg + " Exception: " + str(sys.exc_info()))
        return jsonify({"status_code": 500, "description": err_msg})

So if I am posting to route /read in postman I am still getting a http code 500 returned. Any tips to try?
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You are not sending a json but rather form data. This could be the potential issue.

Try selecting raw radio button and change to JSON in the dropdown and write the data as a json.

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