Author not defined when importing SVN repository into Git


I’m trying to import our SVN repository into Git. When I run either this command:

git svn --authors-file=/path/to/authors --trunk=trunk clone https://my-repo/project .

or this command:

svn2git https://my-repo/project --no-minimize-url -v --authors /path/to/authors

Both return this error:

Author: patrick  not defined in /path/to/authors file

..but as far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with my authors file:

$ grep patrick /path/to/authors
patrick = Patrick <[email protected]>

That error doesn’t happen until it gets to revision 8700, so it must be grabbing the other author names correctly.

What could be going on here? Thanks.


There were two problems:

I solved the first by assigning unique email addresses to each author.

Also, the username was “patrick “. I have no idea how that happened, but by using svnadmin I was able to change all instances of that nickname to just “patrick”.

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