Avast blocks pip and Pyinstaller


I’m making a Simple GUI Tkinter Program. I was going to compile my Program (with Pyinstaller) but Avast is blocking PIP. So I ignored it. When Compile was Finished.
I run the compiled .exe program and the program are saying:
failed to execute the script, Avast is blocking.
How to fix this error and What am the issue?

edit:now Avast is not blocking .exe(but blocking PIP)


I use avast as well. Avast sandboxes pipenv when installing a new package. Depending on what/if virtualenv your using.

You can whitelist/exclude python’s install directory. For windows the default location is %localappdata%\Programs\Python. This is also where pip is installed globally as well as pyinstaller and other packages that are installed globally.

Be warned this will make it so avast no longer scans anything related to python in those directories. So if you’re worried about getting a virus from a python package then you can whitelist/exclude the pip exe itself which is located specifically…

32-bit Python 3.8


64-bit Python 3.8


If you use a virtualenv whitelist/exclude those directories since those virtualenvs use a local copy of pip instead of the global one. That should fix avast messing with pip/virtualenv/pipenv

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