Azure Maps cache in flask


I’m using azure maps for data visualization in the Flask application. I have a lot of data so sometimes my browser crash or becomes very slow.
Is there any way I can implement cache or some other things to speed up browser?
My data is refreshed after every 15 minutes.
Looking for help.
Thank you


There are some different approaches you can take. Local cache is one approach, but only really works if the user will only be viewing a subset of the data at a time. That said, this requires a lot of work and is likely to give the least benefit.

A more common approach is to improve the data format you are using with the map. Instead of sending the raw data to the map consider doing one of the following:

  1. Only send the geometry data and the minimum data needed to render it, plus a unique ID. Then, if you need additional information, query a backend system using the ID when needed. This can often significantly decrease the memory footprint of an app.
  2. Consider serving your data as vector tiles. This is a great way to serve massive datasets to the map (the base maps which has hundreds of billions of geometries are served like this). If you have a lot of metadata for geometries, like long descriptions, it is best to separate those out and store those in a database that you can retrieve when needed using a unique ID.

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