Bash script to start java maven project


I have a problem. I am new with bash scripts, but I am trying to make a startup script for my java maven project. When I want to start the program I run the following command in a terminal:
cd /var/script/myproject/java && mvn exec:java

Now I am trying to translate this to bash, but I can’t get it to work. First I tried the following line:

exec cd /var/script/myproject/java && mvn exec:java

But this resulted in the error:

/var/script/myproject/ line 6: exec: cd: not found

Then I saw this site:
where I saw that they used the cd command seperatly, so I tried the following:

cd /var/script/myproject/java 
exec mvn exec:java

But this doesn’t seem to change the directory of the exec, because it said that there was no maven project. How can I run mvn exec:java in a different directory as the bash script? Please let me know!


cd is internal bash command, and "exec" trying to execute it by itself instead of bash, but there is no /bin/cd (and there is no sense in such tool)

So possibly you need to

exec "/bin/bash -c 'cd /var/script/myproject/java && mvn exec:java'"

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