BeanUtils copyProperties API to ignore null and specific propertie


Spring’s BeanUtils.copyProperties() provides option to ignore specific properties while copying beans:

public static void copyProperties(Object source,
                 Object target,
                 String[] ignoreProperties) throws BeansException

Does the Apache Commons BeanUtils provide a similar feature?

Also is it possible to ignore null values while using Spring’s BeanUtils.copyProperties(), I see this feature with Commons BeanUtils:

Date defaultValue = null;
DateConverter converter = new DateConverter(defaultValue);
ConvertUtils.register(converter, Date.class);

Can I achieve the same with Spring’s BeanUtils?


If you want to ignore null-value you have to do it with the following line of code before copying properties:

BeanUtilsBean.getInstance().getConvertUtils().register(false, false, 0);

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