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need some help. I just want to include a .yaml file from another repository as a template in Bitbucket. I am more on GitLab but for now I want this for Bitbucket.


  - project: 'testy/repo/template'
    ref: main
    file: '/.templates/template.yml'

how can I do this in Bitbucket?


Unlike GitLabCI, there is no way to do that in Bitbucket Pipelines.

Such feature request has been filed multiple times but AFAIK it never recieved Atlassian’s attention. Because Jira sucks I am uncapable of finding historical tickets with years of people ranting about this shortcoming but you get the idea:

You can reuse some code with pipes but the workflow is much more cumbersome than including a yaml from a shared repository and definitely can’t reuse pipelines as such, only script fragments.

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