Blogger SOHO theme: How to always show Hamburger menu on Desktop view instead of open Sidebar?


My blog is based on the Blogger SOHO theme (with custom domain).

On smaller screens like Mobile or iPad, the Hamburger menu appears on top left in the Header. On large Desktop/Laptop screens the Hamburger menu disappears and, instead, the open Sidebar appears on the left side of the screen (instead of the Hamburger menu).

I would like the Hamburger menu to always show on large Desktop/Laptop screens. I do not want the sidebar to show, and instead would like the sidebar items to show only when the Hamburger menu is clicked on.

I would be grateful if someone would show me how to achieve this, either via CSS, or by modifying the HTML. Thank you.


I have found the answer, it is quite simple. In Blogger editor, go to Theme > Customise > Advanced > Widths and set the Content Margin value to 600.(default value is 117). Now even on the largest screens the Sidebar will not appear unless the Hamburger icon is clicked on.

Answered By – firoze

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