bootstrap dropdown bubble align right (not push-right)


I have cart in my top menu, using push-right and my problem is that the dropdown bubble falls out of the page. I am trying to align the bubble right, so that it right-aligns with ‘click’

like this

enter image description here


<div class="cart pull-right">
  <ul class="nav">
    <li class="dropdown">
      <a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">CLICK</a>
       <div class="dropdown-menu">


Bootstrap 5+ (Update June 2022)

dropdown-menu-right has been replaced with dropdown-menu-end

<div class="dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-end">

Bootstrap 3.1+

Adding the class .dropdown-menu-right to the same div containing the class dropdown-menu:

<div class="dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right">

Bootstrap 2.3 & 3.0

Add the class .pull-right to the same div containing the class dropdown-menu

<div class="dropdown-menu pull-right">

This seems to work for me using bootstrap 3.0

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