Calling Windows commands (e.g. del) from a GNU makefile


It does not appear to be possible to call Windows system commands (e.g. del, move, etc) using GNU Make. I’m trying to create a makefile that doesn’t rely on the user having extra tools (e.g. rm.exe from Cygwin) installed.

When the following rule is run, an error is reported del: command not found:

   del *.o

This is presumably because there is no such execuatable as “del”. I’ve also tried running it as an option to cmd but with this only seems to open a new prompt:

    cmd /C del *.o

I’m using Windows XP (5.1.2600) with GNU Make 3.79.1 that is bundled as part of MSys.


It seems the /C switch needs to be escaped because a / is interpreted as a path in GNU Make. The following works as expected:

    cmd //C del *.o

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