Can anyone view a website source code through browser?


So, I am trying to safely store an authentication token using Angular, processed with additional encryption on top (in front end) and put it in browser local storage (so that not anyone can de-code it).
Many people recommend this method, but I came across several opinions that say even in such case one can access your source code through your browser and get your secret key to decrypt the Auth Token (for example experienced hacker).
Many people claim that Access + Refresh tokens are the best in terms of security.

So, my question is – what are standard practices for serving/ storing authentication token? Is token encryption in local storage good implementation or should we use refresh tokens (although, they are harder to implement)?


I think you should use both a refresh and access token for maximum security…the access token should have an expiration date and should be blacklisted after rotation(when you use the refresh token to get an access token)…if you need even more security,after rotation,the user should get a new refresh and access token

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