Can I display Tag name of Git in Android Studio?


I use Github in my project with Android Studio 3.4.1. I add a Tag name Milestone_A for a commit, please see Image A.

1: How can I set in order to see the Tag name Milestone_A in Log view ? At present there only a icon is displayed, I have to hover mouse and see the tag name from Hint.

2: Will the tag name Milestone_A be synchronized to remote Github, or is it only stored local disk ?

Image A

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Adressing the second part, about tag syncing

No, the sending part needs to be explicitly done.

To send tags, you can either check the “Push tags” box in the push dialog of Android Studio before you push a branch, or alternatively, at any time even without the need to push a branch, open the console and fire a simple git push --tags

For the other part, receiving tags, new ones will be fetched from the remote end each time you fetch or pull (from both CLI or GUI).

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