can i save context in a variable?


how can I save the main activity context in a variable to use it in a function of another class? is there a specific method i can use?

I have a class that contains the functions that I would like to use in my main_activity, one of the functions, within the routePath function, which I report below (line 2), requires that the context be passed as a parameter to draw the path on the map, that I would like to know is how can I pass the context when the function is called in the main_activity.
I thought it was possible to save the main activity context in a variable and then retrieve it in the second class.
I can share the whole code if needed.

fun routePath(p1Latit: Double, p1Laong: Double, p2Latit: Double, p2Laong: Double){
        val roadManager: RoadManager = OSRMRoadManager(context, "lolloMaps")
        println("passo1 - creoArrayList")
        val waypoints = arrayListOf<GeoPoint>()
        println("passo2 - CreoPuntiEAggiungoInArrayList")
        val startPoint: GeoPoint = GeoPoint(p1Latit, p1Laong) //43.12628, 12.04705
        val endPoint: GeoPoint = GeoPoint(p2Latit, p2Laong) //43.12124, 11.97211
        println("passo3 - CreoStrada")
        road = roadManager.getRoad(waypoints)
        if (road.mStatus != Road.STATUS_OK){
            Toast.makeText(context, "Errore nel caricamento di road - status = " + road.mStatus, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
        println("passo4 - CreoPolilinea")
        val roadOverlay: Polyline = RoadManager.buildRoadOverlay(road)
        println("passo5 - AggiungoPolilineaAllaMappa")

I think i should correct the last two lines as well as mapView has been declared in main_Activity, is that right?


I solved it by passing to the class that contains the function both the context and the mapView as constructor parameters

Answered By – George Jung

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