Can't figure out why page loads at bottom? Angular UI-Router autoscroll Issue


For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this home page loads at the bottom. Is this an angular ui-router, angular, javascript or CSS issue? I’ve been stuck on this for two hours and not knowing why my html page loads at the bottom instead of the top is really killing my self-esteem as a programmer :/

Here is the home page: [ URL Redacted ]

I solved this issue. It was with Angular UI-Router. See my answer below for the simple fix.

I use Angular and Angular UI-Router and the set up looks like this…


  doctype html
  html(lang='en', xmlns='', xmlns:fb='', itemscope='itemscope', itemtype='')
  include ../includes/head
  block content
  include ../includes/foot


extends layouts/default

block content

Angular Config.js$stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
// For any unmatched url, redirect to "/"
// Now set up the states
    .state('home', {
      url: "/",
      views: {
        "header":    { templateUrl: "views/header/home.html"   },
        "content":   { templateUrl: "views/content/home.html"  },
        "footer":    { templateUrl: "views/footer/footer.html" }
      resolve: { factory: setRoot }
    .state('signin', {
      url: "/signin",
      views: {
        "header":    { templateUrl: "views/header/signin.html"   },
        "content":   { templateUrl: "views/content/signin.html"  },
        "footer":    { templateUrl: "views/footer/footer.html" }
      resolve: { factory: setRoot }


Angular UI-Router recently updated it’s app so that it automatically scrolls down to new views loaded by default. This was causing my app’s pages to load scrolled down. To turn this off simply add the following attribute to your ui-view:

<div ui-view="header" autoscroll="true"></div>

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