Can't open dev menu via CMD+D or reload via CMD+R any longer


I can’t open my dev menu via CMD+D or reload via CMD+R any longer. It just stopped working without me knowingly changing something.

Some more info:

  • Shake gesture still works, but not always
  • Live reload works only when shake gesture is working
  • Independent of build via react-native run-ios or via xCode
  • rn22.0 and rn23.0-rc
  • same behaviour upon react-native init newProject
  • I use the workspace file

What I have tried to fix it:

  • tried other simulators
  • downgrade/upgrades by a version
  • ran react-native upgrade and said yes to every overwrite
  • complete reinstall of all NPM modules
  • Reset the simulator
  • clean build
  • reboot


Have you tried accessing the Simulators Hardware?

Simulator > Hardware > Keyboard > Connect Hardware Keyboard

Answered By – parker

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