Check if an email was replied to using Mailgun API


I’m building a SAAS app that allows users to send email sequences, I want to stop the sequence when a user replies to an email sent by my app.

Based on what I found on the internet I should use Mailgun Routes to accomplish it.

I have all set up (Domain and MX records) but I couldn’t forward emails to my server.

What I want to accomplish is the following:

  1. User A uses this email address ([email protected])
  2. User B uses this email address ([email protected])
  3. User A sends an email using my platform, my platform calls mailgun
    API to send it
  4. User B receives that email and hits reply
  5. Mailgun notices that User B replies and forwards that reply to my

I do not own neither nor domains

What am I doing wrong?


If you control neither, you can’t. Set the Reply-To address to something you control and that’s linked to Mailgun Routes, check the Message-ID then forward the e-mail to user B.

Rather than using the Message-ID header, some people generate a unique Reply-To address ([email protected]) as the In-Reply-To header isn’t guaranteed to be sent.

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