Cloning all remote repositories from TFS


Is there a way to clone all the master branches from all the projects uploaded under 1 account.

I have a requirement to backup all the code in master branch every week.
Is there a way to accomplish this using git, Powershell or any other way?

Note that I required to do this task in a Windows environment.


You can do it with PowerShell and TFS Rest API.

First of all, get the projects with Projects – List API, then get to each project the repositories with Repositories – List API and clone only the master.

For example, a simple PowerShell script that do it:

$collection = "http://tfs-server:8080/tfs/collection-name"

$projectsUrl = "$collection/_apis/projects?api-version=4.0"
$projects = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $projectsUrl -Method Get -UseDefaultCredentials -ContentType application/json


    $reposUrl = "$collectionurl/$($"
    $repos = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $reposUrl -Method Get -UseDefaultCredentials -ContentType application/json
    git clone $_.remoteUrl --branch master --single-branch


Answered By – Shayki Abramczyk

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