combine codeigniter and laravel


I’m using codeigniter framework but I want to use features of laravel framework like below code that I can print a variable without <?php echo $name ?> :

Hello {{ $name }}

How can I do ?


Codeigniter is an Php Framework. And Laravel is also php framework too. And this both is not equal with each other. As simple

Codeigniter(<4.0) != Laravel

Take look at Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

Laravel vs. Codeigniter

    Module               Laravel                Codeigniter
Layout Control              Yes                         No
ORM                         Yes                         No
Error Stack Trace           Yes                         No
Class Auto Loading          Yes                         Yes
–Database mySQL             Yes                         Yes
–Database SQLite            Yes                         Yes
–Database MSSQL             Yes                         Yes
–Database PostgreSQL        Yes                         Yes
–Database Cubrid            Yes                         Yes
–ODBC drivers               Yes                         No
–Database MariaDB           No                          No
Authentication Library      Yes                         No
External Modules            Yes                         Yes
Form Validation Rules       Yes                         Yes
Internationalization        Yes                         Yes
Database Module             Object-oriented             Hybrid Object-relational
Template language           Blade Template Engine       Blade php Proprietary
Design pattern              Active-Record               Active-Record
                            Model-View-Controller       Model-View-Controller
                            Dependency injection

So some open source library’s can use with both of this frameworks but not all(phpMailer, phpExcel..)

Answered By – Abdulla Nilam

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