Content too short error while using Buildozer with a kivy-python application


I’m trying to package my application to an apk using Buildozer. I got WSL and Ubuntu working, along with buildozer and most of the dependencies. When I run buildozer android debug deploy run or buildozer -v android deploy run the Ubuntu console tries to install the Android NDK and eventually fails. It will download to about 25%-40% and then the error shown in the screenshot will display.

I’ve tried disabling my firewall, and I’ve also tried this solution even though I do have internet: No internet connection on WSL Ubuntu (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Please let me know if you need any more information, thanks!

enter image description here


I just installed the dependency without running Buildozer and made sure it was in the Buildozer directory. Fixed the issue.

Answered By – Michael Jetzer

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