copy text layer in photoshop without text changes


I have some text in Photoshop, which I want to use in the web page as image, to save the special font, which is not supported by the browser.
When I try to copy the text layer to a new document in Photoshop, so that I can save it as a separate image file, the text appears very bold, different from the text in the original file.

p.s.: I copy the text layer using: select layer – right click – duplicate layer – to new document;


Can’t you just do the following

  1. Select the text layer
  2. Make a selection with the selection tool around your text
  3. copy (CTRL + C)
  4. open a new document (width and height should already be filled with exactly your selection)
  5. paste you copy
  6. save

Answered By – Niels

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