define variable inside getscript and use it outside of it? (fetching an avatar from a json file and use it in loop)


been losing my mind over this for a day now. I have this array that has a nested array in it like this:
[[username, desc],[username 2, desc 2], [...]]

my goal is to integrate the values in a <li> for each user and append it inside a list with the "voilalescops" #id. however, i’d like to add the avatar as well, and for this i go and fetch it from a JSON file that uses the username value. my code is nearly done but i can’t figure out why the avatar remains undefined :/ here’s what i have so far:

for (var i = 0; i <= lespotescorrect.length; i++) { 
                            var cop_pseud = lespotescorrect[i][0];
                            var cop_desc = lespotescorrect[i][1];
                            var lienapi = "https://" + cop_pseud + "";
                            var lavatar = '<li><a href="https://' + cop_pseud + '" target="_blank">';
                            var avatar = '';
                            $.getScript(lienapi, function() { 
                                readData = tumblr_api_read;
                                avatar = readData.posts[0]['tumblelog']['avatar_url_64'];
                                lavatar += '<img src="' + avatar + '"/>'; 
                            lavatar += '</a><div class="infobulle"><strong>' + cop_pseud + '</strong><span>' + cop_desc + '</span></div></li>';

if you need more context, this will go on a tumblr blog and is supposed to display a friend list (different from the list of blogs followed) by showing a list of avatars with tooltips displaying username and a personal description for each. the proprietor of the blog will be able to simply enter a list of usernames + desc in their theme editor and the code will display the rest automatically. for now everything displays fine except the avatars… you can check out the result here (test blog) in the right sidebar. (i’m sorry it’s all in french btw).

Thanks in advance if u help! 🙂


After a while, I realized doing what I wanted with getScript seemed to be impossible, as it wasn’t possible to use my cop_pseud and cop_desc variable inside the getscript loop. However, for what I wanted to do, i found out it was possible to use another method to fetch the avatar, a method that also permits to fetch avatars for blogs that are only visible from dashboard: the api permits the use of to get the avatar, so i simply put that value inside a variable and rolled with it. Everything works fine now!

Here my code, which is actually much simpler, if anyone needs to do this:

for (var i = 0; i < lespotescorrect.length; i++) { 
                            var cop_pseud = lespotescorrect[i];
                            if(cop_pseud != undefined){
                                var lienavatar = ""+ cop_pseud +"";
                                var lavatar = '<li><a href="https://' + cop_pseud + '" target="_blank" title="'+ cop_pseud +'"><img src="' + lienavatar + '" alt="Avatar '+ cop_pseud +'"/></a><div class="infobulle"><strong>' + cop_pseud + '</strong><span>' + cop_desc + '</span></div></li>'; 

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