delete records from multiple collections on the basis of value present in MainCollection (mongoose) Express.js


Hello everyone I’m new to mongo and i’m stuck on something. I’m creating a expense tracker using react.js express.js and mongodb.

I’ve 2 collections : TrancstionSchema

const schema = mongoose.Schema({
    title: String,
    createdDate: Date,

Category Schema

const schema = mongoose.Schema({
    title: String,
    createdDate: Date,

If user delete a Category it should remove it’s records from Category schema and transactions schema


as you can see that Category List title is referenced to transactionList as a category

enter image description here


If User delete a category it record should be deleted from both
collections categoryList and transaction list .

** Please help with a code sample


You can define a middleware function to run automatically after your category schema remove operation:

// Category schema
const schema = mongoose.Schema({
  title: String,
  createdDate: Date,
})'remove', async (doc, next) => {
  // Delete all records from transaction schema with category
  await Transaction.deleteMany({ category: doc.title })
  // OR Update the category of transactions to empty string
  await Transaction.updateMany({ category: doc.titleĀ }, { category: '' })

Calling the remove function on a category document will automatically delete all transaction with the same category associated:

await category.remove();

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