Directive to disable Cut, Copy and Paste function for textbox using Angular2


I am using Angular2 to restrict the copy and paste in textbox. But how do i write a custom directive, so that it will be easy to apply for all the text fields.

Below is the working code to restrict the copy and paste functionality.

<ion-input formControlName="confirmpass" type="tel" (cut)="$event.preventDefault()" (copy)="$event.preventDefault()" (paste)="$event.preventDefault()"></ion-input>


You can use a HostListener in your directive to catch cut, paste and copy events and then use preventDefault(). Here’s an example

import { Directive, HostListener } from '@angular/core';

  selector: '[appBlockCopyPaste]'
export class BlockCopyPasteDirective {
  constructor() { }

  @HostListener('paste', ['$event']) blockPaste(e: KeyboardEvent) {

  @HostListener('copy', ['$event']) blockCopy(e: KeyboardEvent) {

  @HostListener('cut', ['$event']) blockCut(e: KeyboardEvent) {

Use directive like so

<ion-input appBlockCopyPaste formControlName="confirmpass" type="tel"></ion-input>

Working demo

Answered By – Aamir Khan

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