Disable DatePicker changing year by scrolling months


I have a DatePicker and the issue I’m encountering is that going from december to january is possible, but I want to only display 12 values for the months, from January to December, without the possibility to change year from the month part of the datepicker.


You can see on the above image what I’m talking about if I’m not clear enough. Here I can go from janv. (january) to december, and the year will change to 2021. How can I disable this functionality ? Thank you in advance!

Here’s how I define my DatePicker :



I have developed below logic to stop auto scroll year when we jump from January to December or December to January

val savedMonthOfYear = 0
val savedYear = 0

date_input.setOnDateChangedListener { view, year, monthOfYear, dayOfMonth ->
            if ((savedMonthOfYear == 0 && monthOfYear == 11) || (savedMonthOfYear == 11 && monthOfYear == 0)) {
                if (savedYear != year) {
                    date_input.updateDate(savedYear, monthOfYear, dayOfMonth)
            } else {
                savedYear = year
            savedMonthOfYear = monthOfYear

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