Django / How to evaluate a django variable inside a bracket expression?


In my html file I need to define a variable for a js file.

 var gltf_home = "{% static '/3d/ {{ scene.GltfFileToLoad }} ' %}";

which gives as an output :


instead of


And this alternative

var gltf_home = "{% static '/3d/' {{ scene.GltfFileToLoad }} %}";



What would be the correct way to do it ?


You can work with the |add template filterĀ [Django-doc]:

var gltf_home = "{% static '/3d/'|add:scene.GltfFileToLoad %}";

But I would advise not to do this: perform the logic in the view, and work with the |json_script template filterĀ [Django-doc], this will properly encode the data in a JSON blob, and thus prevents escaping, etc.

Answered By – Willem Van Onsem

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