Django – how to specify a database for a model?


Is there a way to specify that a model (or app, even) should only ever use one particular database?

I am working with a legacy database that I don’t want to change. I have two databases – the ‘default’ is an sqlite one that could be used for admin etc, and the legacy one. I used inspectdb to create a model for (part of) the legacy database, and it has managed = False. But is there a way to specify in the model itself that it only applies to a particular database?

I see that you can specify using=databasename in some query sets etc but this is no good for things like Databrowse (and possibly also generic views?). It might be a short-coming of Databrowse that you can’t specify a database, but it just seems like the right place to specify it is the model…

Then I thought maybe the answer is to write a custom model manager that only refers to my legacy database – but the docs don’t mention anything like that.

Do I just have a different mental model of how multiple databases might be used, to the Django world?


As far as I know you can’t specify the database directly with the model since it would kind of prevent the app from ever being reusable, but from what I can see in the docs:

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