Django ORM create rows dynamically with _meta.get_fields()


I am writing a function to read xlsx and write this data to the database with Django. But I have so many fields that I cannot define statically. I want to write these fields to the database with a certain algorithm. When designing this, I get the class attributes with _meta.get_fields(). But as seen in this example, attributes always remain None. In there is an example between BEGIN and END codes. How can i solve this problem?

# ... some codes ...
def import_process(request):
    if request.method == 'POST':
        form = UploadFileForm(request.POST, request.FILES)
        if form.is_valid():
            file_in_memory = request.FILES['file'].read()
            wb = load_workbook(filename=BytesIO(file_in_memory), data_only=True)
            ws = wb.worksheets[0]
            ws_company_name = str(ws["D9"].value)
            ws_company_address = str(ws["D10"].value)
            # ... some codes ...
            # Company Tower Get ID loop
            company_staff = CompanyStaff.objects.filter(company_id=Company.objects.filter(company_name=ws_company_name)[0].id)[0]
            for col in COLUMN_PARAMETER_LIST:
                column_cell = str(col) + str(COLUMN_PARAMETER_BEGIN)
                ws_tower_type = str(ws[column_cell].value)
                tower_type = TowerType.objects.filter(tower_type=ws_tower_type)[0]
                c_tower_object = CompanyTower.objects.filter(company_staff_id=company_staff,tower_type_id=tower_type)[0]
                tower_data = TowerData.objects.create(company_tower_id=c_tower_object)
                ROW_IDX = int(ROW_PARAMETER_BEGIN-1)
                # ****************** BEGIN ****************** #
                site_fields = tower_data._meta.get_fields()
                site_fields_names = [ for f in site_fields][1:]
                for mfield in site_fields_names:
                    if any(word in str(mfield) for word in TOWER_DATA_EXCLUDE_FIELDS_NEW):
                        ROW_IDX += 1
                    tower_data_cell = str(col)+str(ROW_IDX)
                    tower_data_cell_value = ws[tower_data_cell].value
                    tower_data.mfield = tower_data_cell_value
                    if str(mfield) == 'ph': # Example Field
                # ******************* END ******************* #
    return render(request, template_name='import.html',context={"form": UploadFileForm()})
# ... some codes ...

Django Admin Panel, row fields are empty

Django terminal output, tower_data.mfield is None


You’re currently setting and replacing an attribute called mfield over and over: tower_data.mfield = tower_data_cell_value.

What you want is setattr(tower_data, mfield, tower_data_cell_value)

Answered By – Tim Nyborg

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