Django Python Invalid Syntax When Deployed on Digitalocean


I have a Django project on local machine running on Python 3.10.3
Now I deployed it to a DigitalOcean machine running Ubuntu 20 and Python 3.8.10

When I run the project on local machine there is no issue, but when I do run it on the DO instance, it gives me a syntax error.

Here is the code where it gives me the error:

def get_day_by_date(date):
weekday = date.weekday()
match weekday:
    case 0:
        return "Lundi"
    case 1:
        return "Mardi"
    case 2:
        return "Mercredi"
    case 3:
        return "Jeudi"

This is the error I get in DO:
enter image description here

Is it a problem of the Python version?

PS: I have already done pip freeze and installed the exact same requirements on both machines.


The solution according to @BoarGules is to migrate from Python 3.8 to 3.10 for the match weekday to work.

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