Django-rest-framework – fetching data from another server's DB


I’ve implemented API using Django REST Framework that I use for my project which is a Flutter app.

*BUT, I want to add some data from another Server’s database, can I do it in Django REST Framework, and then include those in my API ?


You can set multiple databases in file.

    'default': {
    'other': {

And you need to create another app other and define the models in of the newly created project folder. Let’s say, you defined a Sport model in other app.
Then in file you can refer to this model.

from other.models import Sport

# in one of your api view
def SomeView(...):

The main code is using('...').

Note: You don’t need to make migrations for the other app when you need to make migrations.
Hope it could help.

Answered By – David Lu

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