Django rest framework – how can i limit requests to an API endpoint?


I created an API using Django Rest Framework, now i’m working on a rate limiting system, to avoid spam. The built-in throttling system works great, and i managed to add multiple throttles:

        #     "xapi.authentication_backends.TokenBackend",
        # ),
            'anon': '70/minute',
            'user': '70/minute',
            'user_sec': '2/second',
            'user_min': '120/minute',
            'user_hour': '7200/hour',

And in my

class UserSecThrottle(UserRateThrottle):
    scope = 'user_sec'

class UserMinThrottle(UserRateThrottle):
    scope = 'user_min'

class UserHourThrottle(UserRateThrottle):
    scope = 'user_hour'

So if some user performs more than 120 queries in a minute, that user will be blocked for a minute, if the hour limit is breached, the user is blocked for one hour. Is there some way to decide for how much is a user blocked? For example, if i want to block someone for 10 minutes if they perform more than 120 queries in a minute. Any advice is appreciated.


To create a custom throttle, override BaseThrottle and implement .allow_request(self, request, view). The method should return True if the request should be allowed, and False otherwise.

Optionally you may also override the .wait() method. If implemented, .wait() should return a recommended number of seconds to wait before attempting the next request, or None. The .wait() method will only be called if .allow_request() has previously returned False.

If the .wait() method is implemented and the request is throttled, then a Retry-After header will be included in the response.

import random
class CustomThrottle(throttling.BaseThrottle):
    def allow_request(self, request, view):
         Return `True` if the request should be allowed, `False` otherwise.
         return random.randint(1, 10) != 1

    def wait(self):
        Optionally, return a recommended number of seconds to wait before
        the next request.
        cu_second = 600
        return cu_second

class UserSecThrottle(CustomThrottle,UserRateThrottle):   # or AnonRateThrottle
    scope = 'user_sec'

class ExampleView(APIView):
    throttle_classes = [UserSecThrottle]


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