Docker Bash prompt does not display color output


I use the command docker run --rm -it govim bash -l to run Docker images, but it does not display color output.

If I source ~/.bash_profile or run bash -l again, output will then correctly be output with color.

Bash Prompt Image

My bash_profile and bash_prompt files.


The OP SolomonT reports that docker run with env do work:

docker run --rm -it -e "TERM=xterm-256color" govim bash -l

And Fernando Correia adds in the comments:

To get both color support and make tmux work, I combined both examples:

docker exec -it my-container env TERM=xterm-256color script -q -c "/bin/bash" /dev/null

As chepner commented (earlier answer), .bash_profile is sourced (itis an interactive shell), since bash_prompt is called by .bash_profile.

But docker issue 9299 illustrates that TERM doesn’t seem to be set right away, forcing the users to open another bash with:

docker exec -ti test env TERM=xterm-256color bash -l

You have similar color issues with issue 8755.

To illustrate/reproduce the problem:

docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_NAME tty
not a tty

The current workaround is :

docker exec -ti `your_container_id` script -q -c "/bin/bash" /dev/null

Both are supposing you have a running container first, which might not be convenient here.

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