Docker Desktop for windows fails on search/build with corporate proxy


I have installed Docker Desktop for windows Docker version 18.09.2, build 6247962, and I’m not able to build and image. Even a docker search does not seem to work.

The error message (for example, when doing a docker search) is:

Error response from daemon: Get proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp connect: no route to host

My office is behind a proxy. So on the “Proxies” settings of DockerDesktop I set for both HTTP and HTTTPS. But it still does not seem to work.

I have defined some ENV variables (both user and system) like this:




  "http": "",
  "https": "",
  "exclude": null,
  "transparent_http_ports": [],
  "transparent_https_ports": []


  "settingsVersion": 1,
  "autoStart": false,
  "checkForUpdates": true,
  "analyticsEnabled": false,
  "displayedWelcomeWhale": true,
  "displayed14393Deprecation": false,
  "displayRestartDialog": true,
  "displaySwitchWinLinContainers": true,
  "latestBannerKey": "",
  "debug": false,
  "memoryMiB": 2048,
  "swapMiB": 1024,
  "cpus": 2,
  "diskPath": null,
  "diskSizeMiB": 64000000000,
  "networkCIDR": "",
  "proxyHttpMode": true,
  "overrideProxyHttp": "",
  "overrideProxyHttps": "",
  "overrideProxyExclude": null,
  "useDnsForwarder": true,
  "dns": "",
  "kubernetesEnabled": false,
  "showKubernetesSystemContainers": false,
  "kubernetesInitialInstallPerformed": false,
  "cliConfigCreationDate": "03/22/2019 12:23:58",
  "linuxDaemonConfigCreationDate": "03/22/2019 12:22:19",
  "windowsDaemonConfigCreationDate": null,
  "versionPack": "default",
  "sharedDrives": {},
  "executableDate": "",
  "useWindowsContainers": false,
  "swarmFederationExplicitlyLoggedOut": false,
  "activeOrganizationName": null,
  "exposeDockerAPIOnTCP2375": false


  "stackOrchestrator": "swarm",
  "auths": {},
  "credsStore": "wincred",
      "httpProxy": "",
      "httpsProxy": "",
      "noProxy": ""

I also tried passing build-arg to tocker build:

docker build --build-arg HTTP_PROXY= --build-arg HTTPS_PROXY= ...

Finally, on the Docker Desktop network configuration, I have tried with DNSs both “Automatic” and Manual (Using my corporate dns servers)

None of this has worked.

Any hint on what should I do?

Thank you.


A collegue found out the problem:

By default, the bridge network that docker creates uses the same subnet as our office ( and that causes trouble with the proxy ip address (

To solve this:

[Edit]: for a simpler method, use the following:

On daemon configuration, add "bip": "new_subbet". For example: "bip": "". Then, restart docker.

Now, you won’t even need to pass the extra --network="docker_gwbridge" parameter to the commands.

This shorter solution may not work with older versions of Docker for windows, so you may consider the original answer if this option does not work.

[Edit]: original method for old versions of docker for windows:

The bridge network cannot be deleted, but We can tell docker not to create it.

Go to Daemon Settings, Advanced => add "bridge": "none", to the configuration

After applying changes, Docker will restart and now We will be able to create our own custom bridge network

In this example, We are going to use (

Open a console and write:

docker network create --subnet= --gateway -o -o -o docker_gwbridge

Then we can do a docker ls for checking that the previous command was successful:

$ docker network ls
NETWORK ID          NAME                DRIVER              SCOPE
2a3635a49ffa        docker_gwbridge     bridge              local
4e9ec758ee9f        host                host                local
737c6c5fc82b        none                null                local

Now do a docker search ubuntu (for example). It should be able to connect to the internet and fetch the images.

Important: From now on, some commands that need internet access will need to specify the new docker network with the extra parameter --network="docker_gwbridge"

For example a docker build command could be:

docker build --network="docker_gwbridge" --build-arg http_proxy= --build-arg https_proxy= -t foobar .

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