docker-searXNG: I cannot start a tor searXNG instance (Debian)


I am kinda new to docker and as for my first project I wanted to try and start a searXNG instance on tor. There have been many people who have accomplished that, yet I cannot figure out whats wrong.

I’ve installed tor, searxng-docker and docker-compose on my raspberry pi (it is running raspberry pi os lite), got the .onion hostname and put it in .env and then, I got the instance running. But when I checked the link, it gave me a 404.

Can anyone help? I would really appreciate that.
The output of sudo docker ps:

enter image description here

The .env file (I’ve hide my email:
enter image description here


Do you want your server to be only available on Tor as a hidden service?

This is not supported out of the box.

Here some information that should help:

  • Add http:// in front of your server name in .env: SEARXNG_HOSTNAME=http://gpfo...onion
  • In Caddyfile, add bind just before line 10 (tls {$SEARXNG_TLS}).
  • In torrc, but sure to have HiddenServicePort 80 in addition to HiddenServiceDir.

Answered By – Alexandre Flament

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